Cutting & Measuring Devices

Flat Wood Ruler, Standard/Metric, 6"

Sturdy wood ruler with double metal edge. Checked for accuracy. Metal edge great for drawing perfect lines. 1 3/8" wide x 3/32" thick.

12" Jewel Colored Ruler

Brighten your desktop with assorted transparent jeweltone colors: blue, red, green or purple. Hang-up hole.

6" Clear Ruler

Transparent plastic construction. 1" wide.

12" Shatterproof Ruler

Total flexibility and clarity of measurement means you can bend and twist this ruler and it returns to its original shape. Hang-up hole. Plastic.

Wood Ruler with Single Metal Edge, 12"

Quality-crafted of kiln-dried lumber. Numerals and graduations are clearly delineated. Clear lacquer finish. Single brass edge. 1 5/16" wide x 1/4"...

See Through Acrylic Ruler, 12", Clear

Ends have extra margins for clear starts and stops and plumb lines to aid in checking right angles. Raised beveled edges. Hang-up hole.